Step #1

Order a kit. It’s as simple as selecting a painting you like and purchasing it. The default size for all our paintings is 40×50 cm unless specified. The kit will reach you as soon as we can possibly get it to you.

Step #2

Get painting. Pull out your new kit and get started. A few key ingredients to make your painting experience go smoothly are: Working in a large, clutter-free space and a well-lit space. starting from the top of the canvas.

Step #3

Step by step and number by number when you have completed it, you will be stunned by the beauty of it. Frame it, hang it, see it and smile 🙂 oh yeah, don’t forget to send us a photo review.


The Healing Power Of Art

Just like adult coloring books, paint by numbers for adults has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, create focus, and promote mindfulness.

It is a very therapeutic process and can increase self-confidence, as well as improve motor skills. It’s also proven to increase concentration and helps a lot with relaxation of the mind and of the body. We provide high quality canvas and paint brushes and we have one of the biggest library of canvas by number kits for adults.

Just try it you will LOVE IT! ?

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Customer Reviews

I enjoyed my third paint by number i ordered from here. Their customer service is very good and helpful. 5 stars

Jillian Herrick / AU

Ordered a 40×50 custom painting for my daughter and we are pleased with the results after completly painting it.

Laura N / USA

Received everything that was supposed to be in the kit. Quality is very good and delivered on time specified. Looking forward to order a few more kits.

Jamie Fulop / USA


We at “tech-crafty paint by numbers” think that paint by numbers is a miracle that allows anyone to benefit from it. Its the best way of doing art therapy at home. These DIY Kits for adults are tools to spread happiness and wellness among people of all ages.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”
Thomas Merton – Tech-Crafty© Founder